Cybercom commander lauds partnerships

Cybercom commander lauds partnerships

U.S. Cyber Command (Cybercom) commander Adm. Michael S. Rogers addressed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in late October. Rogers focused his address on the importance of partnerships for effective cybersecurity, saying “There’s no one single group or entity that has all the answers, nor is there one single group or entity capable of executing the solutions that we need.”

Rogers stressed the importance of cooperation among U.S. government and the private sector, noting that leaders in both sectors will drive the changes necessary for effective partnerships. While traditionally separate, Rogers said that collaboration between the private sector, U.S. government, and national security is vital to cybersecurity, as all areas are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Rogers also spoke about the cyber missions of Cybercom and the Department of Defense, as well as the concerns of private sector industries.

For more information about Adm. Rogers’s remarks, please follow the link below.
Cybercom Chief Calls Partnerships Vital to Network Security, DoD News
VIDEO: Cyber Chief Admiral Mike Rogers’ Strategy to Fight Cyber Crime, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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