DHS challenges outlined for next administration

DHS challenges outlined for next administration

A new report lays out the challenges the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will face in the coming years. The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council report outlines the changes coming to DHS under a new administration.

“Charting the Future: A Mission Driven Homeland Security Enterprise” examines DHS and highlights the continued importance of coordination and interagency cooperation during the next administration’s term. “We wanted to understand what is really working well today that needs to be continued, what needs to be stopped that’s maybe not working so well and what should be started in the new administration,” said Phil Kangas of Grant Thornton.

The report drew on insights from online surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews with 100 industry and government officials. The research pointed to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s Unity of Effort campaign having produced positive results, though it reported that more communication and coordination was needed. Respondents also suggested that DHS focus on: 1) governance to support coordination across immigration and border security; 2) improved policy on IT system development and management; and 3) greater emphasis on workforce development and planning, alongside better succession planning.

The report is the second in a five-year series called the 20/20 Project on the Homeland Security Enterprise.  Research for the report was conducted prior to this year’s presidential election.

For more information on the report, please follow the link below.
New report examines DHS mission hurdles before Trump, Federal Times

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2 thoughts on “DHS challenges outlined for next administration

  1. I am a retired USMC Colonel and CGSC alum now working at KSU within the Office of Research. Truly interested in what you all are doing. Thanks for putting me on your distro list.

    Joel D. Anderson
    Colonel USMC (Ret)
    Development Director
    Kansas State University

    • Col. (Ret.) Anderson,

      Thank you for your kind words. The Simons Center enjoys hearing from our readers and followers.

      – The Simons Center

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