FBI Cyber Division utilizes whole-of-government approach

FBI Cyber Division utilizes whole-of-government approach

FBI Cyber Division Section IV Chief Gerald Bessette was recently interviewed about actions agencies should take before and after a cyber breach. During the interview, Bessette discussed the Cyber Division’s place within the FBI, trends in cyber intrusions and breeches, and the differences between cyber investigations and traditional probes.

Bessette spoke about the Cyber Division’s work with other federal agencies to investigate breeches. The Cyber Division is the lead investigative agency for cyber investigations and cyber intrusions, and works with other agencies like the Department of Homeland Security. The Cyber Division also works with intelligence community partners to share information that could protect U.S. entities from cyberattacks.

Bessette also spoke about the benefits of working with the FBI on cyber investigations, saying that the FBI brings “a complete set of tools” to the investigations.

For more on Section Chief Bessette’s interview, please follow the link below.
How FBI Cyber Division helps agencies investigate intrusions, Federal Times

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