IAE 12-03W The Sound of One Hand Clapping: The Expeditionary Imperative of Interagency Integration

Saturday, July 21, 2012

InterAgency Essay 12-03W, July 2012

by Jesse P. Pruett

This essay discusses the need for U.S. government agencies to develop a ground-level understanding and execution in its expeditionary interagency professionals in order to synchronize broader institutional reforms.

The author posits that the teams that have defined the expeditionary interagency since 9/11 have emerged as a response to the unique situations encountered in Afghanistan and Iraq. He states that while it is unlikely that the landscape for expeditionary interagency teams in the future will encounter the same large-scale military operations, they can still be expected to feature a significant, if limited, military presence. Regardless of any anticipated shift in the atmosphere for the deployment of expeditionary interagency teams, Pruett says, the fundamental lessons derived from their employment in Afghanistan and Iraq provide the richest vein of insight into the difficulties that future interagency constructs may face. The experiences of the provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) have provided a laboratory to explore the inherent realities of the expeditionary interagency and have done so in circumstances likely more difficult than future manifestations are anticipated to encounter.

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