InterAgency Journal 3-3 (Summer 2012)

InterAgency Journal 3-3 (Summer 2012)

IAJ 3-3 (Summer 2012)Inside this issue:


Radiological Nuclear Detection Task Force
by Kevin L. Stafford

The Interagency Role in Conflict Prevention
by Kevin D. Stringer and Katie M. Sizemore

Interagency Collaboration by Design
by Alex J. Ryan

Whole of Government is Half an Answer
by Michael R. Eastman

The Role of the Military Chaplain in the “3D” Process
by Jon E. Cutler

The National Counterterrorism Center and
the Joint Counterterrorism Awareness Workshop Series
by Greg Keeney

Risk Culture Similarities & Differences between State and DoD
by Bryan Groves

Interagency Coordination to Employ Veterans
by Joseph Mullins

Validating a Whole-of-Government Approach and Redefining the Civil-Military Operations Cell
by Matthew K. Wilder

Worth Noting

CRS Reviews Unified Command Plan

Proposed Legislation to Reform SES

DHS Releases Northern Border Strategy

State-SOCOM Cyberterrorism Mission

Mass Atrocity Prevention Workshop

EUCOM Countertrafficking Task Force

Book Review

U.S. Government Counterterrorism: A Guide to Who Does What

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