InterAgency Journal 5-1 (Winter 2014)

InterAgency Journal 5-1 (Winter 2014)

Inside this issue:


IAJ 5-1Adapting to Change: Strategic Turning Points and
the CIA/DoD Relationship
by David Oakley

Everyone Else is They: A New Framework for
Operational Culture
by Megan Kraushaar

The National Security Council Deputies Committee –
Engine of the Policy Process
by Mark Wilcox

Fundamentally Restructuring Interagency Operations
for Future Success

by Ryan Hilger

An Institutional Analysis of the Commander’s
Emergency Response Program

by Timothy Gatlin

Ripples in the Pond: CGSOC Interagency Education
by Russell Crumrine

Faith-Based Peacebuilding in the Former Yugoslavia
by David Steele

Worth Noting

Senate Intelligence Committee Releases Declassified Report on 2012 Benghazi Attacks
Special Report: The Foreign Policy Advisor Program
Counterinsurgency Publication Updated
Paper Examines Approaches to Leadership
Conference Report Covers Transitions, Multi-Agency Operations
Executive Order Creates Interagency Council on Climate Preparedness
Report Examines Interagency Coordination in Afghanistan
Director Discusses DIA’s Future, Cybersecurity
GAO Appraises U.S. Border Security
Report Calls for More Effective Government
Study Examines Civil-Military Role in Regional Stability
Interagency Leaders Needed in Government
Report Addresses SES Collaboration

Book Review

Only the Most Able: Moving Beyond Politics in the Selection of National Security Leaders
Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders

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