InterAgency Journal 2-2 (Summer 2011)

InterAgency Journal 2-2 (Summer 2011)

Interagency Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Summer 2011 (click image to download pdf of complete issue)

Inside this issue:


A Ticking Time Bomb
by Joseph I. Lieberman and Susan M. Collins

Swords and Plowshares: DoD and USAID on the Battlefield
by Quy H. Nguyen

Building Interagency Capabilities at U.S. Africa Command
by Steven J. Olson and David A. Anderson

Where are the JIACGs today?
by Jan Schwarzenberg

Mechanics of Governance Approach to Capacity Development
by Matthew C. Johnson, William L. Smith, and William N. Farmen

A Legacy of Vietnam: Lessons from CORDS
by Mandy Honn, Farrah Meisel, Jacleen Mowery, and Jennifer Smolin

A Civilian’s Guide to Military Planning
by Brett Doyle

Interview with the Honorable Ronald E. Neumann, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan

Worth Noting

Interagency Efforts in Southern Sudan

The State-Defense Initiative: An Interagency Solution

Joint Publication 3-08, Interorganizational Coordination During Joint Operations

SOF Interagency Counterterrorism Reference Manual

Professional Diplomatic Education and Training

Interagency Symposium on Transitions

Note from the InterAgency Journal Editors

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