InterAgency Journal 3-1 (Winter 2012)

InterAgency Journal 3-1 (Winter 2012)

Interagency Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Winter 2012 (click image to download pdf of complete issue)

Inside this issue:


The Need for Interagency Reform: Congressional Perspective and Efforts
by Geoffrey C. Davis and John F. Tierney

Implementing the QDDR
by Edward Marks and Christopher Lamb

“Uribismo”: How Colombia Tamed Fifty Years of Violence
by Peter F. Romero

Navigating Civil-Military Relations in Kabul
by Maria J. Stephan

Departments of State and Defense Relations: Are Perceptions Important?
by William J. Davis, Jr. and Christopher R. Paparone

Achieving Unity of Effort
by Matthew K. Wilder

Worth Noting

President Requests Reorganization Authority

DoD Announces New Strategic Guidance

New Book Looks Inside a U.S. Embassy

Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management

Survey Reveals Necessity of Interagency Cooperation

Interagency Legislative Update

FM 3-24 (Counterinsurgency) Revision

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