IAP 6 (December 2011) Active Inaction: Interagency Security Assistance to Egypt

IAP 6 (December 2011) Active Inaction: Interagency Security Assistance to Egypt

by Nathan W. Toronto

This paper explores the relationship between the Egyptian military and U.S. security assistance forces, and examines long term U.S. interests in Egypt.  The author proposes a novel course of action, “active inaction,” as a method of addressing the U.S.-Egyptian security relationship.

Active inaction would not be a dramatic departure from the current security assistance mission, but would require interagency cooperation to gather the experienced “Egypt hands” necessary to facilitate better relationships between U.S. and Egyptian military officers.  These Egypt hands would be civilians with in-depth cultural and political knowledge of Egypt who would commit to being posted in Egypt for long periods of time.  The Egypt hands would allow for increased engagement with the Egyptian military, and could lay the ground work for a “whole of nation” approach to security assistance in Egypt.  Active inaction would also address economic development, military reform, and U.S. military aid to Egypt.

Download the full text of IAP No. 6, December 2011.  (Right click to save.)

Nathan W. Toronto is an assistant professor at the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies.  Toronto is the first place winner of the Simons Center’s 2011 CGSC Faculty Writing Competition.  His winning paper “Active Inaction: Interagency Security Assistance to Egypt” was published by the Simons Center through the CGSC Foundation Press.

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