Interagency task force bill clears committee

Interagency task force bill clears committee

The House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee reviewed the DHS Interagency Task Force Act of 2017 on December 13. The bill was introduced to the committee by Representative John Rutherford (R-FL) on December 5.

The committee unanimously agreed to the bill, which authorizes the participation of Department of Homeland Security personnel in overseas interagency counterterrorism task forces, with one amendment. The amendment specifies that the Secretary of Homeland Security report annually to the House Committees on Homeland Security and other committees.

The bill will now be reviewed by the House of Representatives as a whole.

For more information about H.R. 4555, please follow the links below.
H.R. 4555: DHS Interagency Counterterrorism Task Force Act of 2017, Govtrack
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