Multidomain integration key to deterrence

Multidomain integration key to deterrence

On March 22, Navy Vice Admiral Charles A. Richard, deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command, spoke at a space security conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

In his remarks, the admiral spoke of the importance of multidomain integration, noting the Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center (JICSpOC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. According to Richard, JICSpOC facilitates integrated operations across joint forces by serving as a hub for collaboration and experimentation on new space system tactics, techniques and procedures. JICSpOC also increases DoD and intelligence community unity of effort.

Richard also spoke of integrating space operations on a global scale, saying “The idea is to promote the exchange of information with like-minded spacefaring nations to maintain and improve space-object databases, and to promote the responsible, peaceful and safe use of space and to strengthen cooperation in the global space community.”

For more information about this topic, please follow the link below.
Stratcom: Integrating Space With Other Warfare Domains is Key to Deterrence, DoD News


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