News You Can Use: 10/19/18

News You Can Use: 10/19/18

National Security

The Coming Storm: Ethics in the Next War, Real Clear Defense

America’s Indefinite Endgame in Syria, The Atlantic

How To Get Nuclear-Weapons Treaties Back on Track, Defense One

Picking a fight: Is Trump’s hawkish behaviour towards China the start of a new cold war?, South China Morning Post

Department of Justice right to go after Hezbollah, The Hill

Trump again suggests sending troops to US southern border, Military Times

Will the Khashoggi crisis create an oil war?, Brookings


Washington state officials brace voting systems against hacking, Fifth Domain

Twitter airs election meddling data, The Associated Press

Open-source hardware could defend against the next generation of hacking, The Associated Press

Public Health

GOP Senator Pushed VA to Use Unproven “Brainwave Frequency” Treatment, ProPublica

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Why Canada must prosecute returning ISIS fighters, The Conversation

China’s Great Leap Backward, Foreign Policy

Government & Military Personnel

Troops see rising political tension in the ranks, poll shows, Military Times

Trump Demands 5 Percent Spending Cuts From Every Cabinet Agency, Government Executive

Dumb and Dumber: The Army’s New PT Test, War on the Rocks

Military relief societies have provided more than $2.5 million in hurricane relief to troops ― with more to come, Military Times

Improving Employee Engagement, Government Executive


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