InterAgency Essays

The InterAgency Essay (IAE) series is published by the Command and General Staff College Foundation Press for the Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation. The series is designed to provide an outlet for original essays on topics that will stimulate professional discussion and further public understanding of the interagency aspects of topics including national security, counterterrorism, stabilization and reconstruction operations, and disaster preparation and response encountered at the tactical and operational levels.

The Simons Center is always looking for authors to contribute manuscripts reflecting their experience, study, and insight. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their works after a review of the Simons Center Writer’s Submission Guidelines, the Simons Center’s Style Guide, and the Simons Center Interagency Research Topics list. Manuscripts may be submitted online through the Contribute Content page.

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IAE 15-02W

IAE 15-02W U.S. Military Sustainment Assistance Following North Korean Regime Collapse

This essay examines the combined response efforts that would be required of the U.S. military, U.S. government, nongovernmental organizations, and international partners in the event of regime collapse in North Korea…

IAE 15-01W

IAE 15-01W A New Strategic Framework: Development as an Instrument of American Power

This essay explores the four traditional instruments of national power – diplomatic, economic, informational, and military, or DIME – and proposes that development be included as an instrument of national power…

IAE 14-01W January 2014

IAE 14-01W Understanding Environmental Security and Climate Change

This essay analyzes the impacts of climate change on the security of the United States, and helps military, defense, and other national security professionals understand environmental security issues by explaining how environmental issues become national security issues…