Other Publications

InterAgency Reports

InterAgency Reports are intended to summarize and publish papers and presentations delivered at workshops, conferences and other symposia sponsored by the Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation. These reports are designed to share the ideas and thoughts presented by participants stimulating discussion, enhancing understanding and contributing to the body of knowledge concerning aspects of interagency cooperation, collaboration, and coordination across diverse United States government agencies and departments.

Web-Exclusive Publications

These are articles, essays, papers, reports, and studies published exclusively on the Simons Center website. Web exclusives are designated with a “W” following their publication number (e.g. No. 15-02W).

Book Program

One of the main goals of the Simons Center’s book program is to foster a deeper understanding of the emerging interagency environment. The Simons Center publishes books on issues impacting the cooperation, collaboration, and/or coordination among and between various departments, agencies, and offices of government. These books focus on the policy and application levels and involve interagency matters pertaining to national security; counterterrorism; stability and reconstruction operations; homeland defense and security; and disaster preparation and response.

The Simons Center serves as a sponsor for selected books, which are primarily published by the Command and General Staff College Foundation Press. Simons Center books may also be produced in cooperation with other publishers.

The Simons Center is always looking for authors to contribute manuscripts reflecting their experience, study and insight. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their works after a review of the Simons Center Writer’s Submission Guidelines  and the Simons Center Interagency Research Topics list. Manuscripts may be submitted online through the Contribute Content page or by contacting editor@thesimonscenter.org.


Special Report: The Ethics of Future Warfare

Special Report: The Ethics of Future Warfare
About this Report: Beginning in 2009, the Command and General Staff College Foundation has partnered each year with the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College to host an annual ethics symposium at Fort Leavenworth. These annual symposia provide an opportunity for academics and practitioners to come together to discuss… Read More

Special Report: The Foreign Policy Advisor Program

Special Report: The Foreign Policy Advisor Program

The Simons Center recently published a special report that focuses on the role of the State Department Foreign Policy Advisor. The report follows a May 2013 conference sponsored by the Simons Center and the American Academy of Diplomacy...