Anthology focuses on importance of Eurasian region

Anthology focuses on importance of Eurasian region

Army University Press recently published “Cultural Perspectives, Geopolitics & Energy Security of Eurasia: Is the Next Global Conflict Imminent?” under the auspice of Culture, Regional Expertise and Language Management Office. The anthology looks at the military and diplomatic dynamics of the Eurasia region, and provides cultural context of the region.

The anthology is divided into three sections: history and geopolitical trends; environmental, socio-cultural and religious aspects of the operational environment; and military applications of culture and language. Each section is further divided into chapters in which authors delve into the ever-shifting geopolitical and socio-cultural aspects of the region, providing readers with insight and observations necessary for operations in the region.

Authors explore Eurasia’s rich history, sifting through the relationships between Russia, China, Central Asia, Cuba, Ukraine, and Western nations. Author’s also dig deep into the effects of climate change and religion.

According to Major General John S. Kem, Provost of Army University, the anthology “The insights offered in this volume are important for Army professionals who lead Soldiers in a variety of missions across the globe. The anthology goes beyond the obvious military strategic nexus and seeks to identify new spaces for consideration by planners and policymakers alike.”

Eurasia - 2017

For more information on this CREMLO publication, please follow the links below.
Cultural Perspectives, Geopolitics & Energy Security of Eurasia: Is the Next Global Conflict Imminent?, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Press
Author’s forum, “Cultural Perspectives, Geopolitics & Energy Security of Eurasia”, Army University Press, YouTube

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