InterAgency Journal 1-1 (Fall 2010)

InterAgency Journal 1-1 (Fall 2010)

Interagency Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Fall 2010 (click image to download pdf of complete issue)

Inside this issue:


Interagency Cooperation: Quo Vadis?
by Ted Strickler

Unlocking Interagency Secrets: A New Rosetta Stone?
by Lino Miani

Rethinking the Geographic Combatant Commands
by Edward Marks

When Unity of Effort Is Not Enough
Terry McNamara

Concepts and Systems for States in Crisis
by Nicholas H. Riegg

Navigating Interagency Education and Training Courses
by John A. Dyson

An Integrative Approach to the Interagency Process
by Leonard Lira

Worth Noting

The Interagency National Security Professional Education,
Administration, and Development (INSPEAD) System Act of 2010

Reading List for U.S. Army Generals

There is a Reason They Call it Foggy Bottom

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