InterAgency Journal 10-1

InterAgency Journal 10-1

Inside this issue:


Japan’s Security Strategy and Its Impact on
U.S. National Security Interests

by Sung K. Hyong and David A. Anderson

Employing Maritime Security Response Teams as the
Maritime Crisis Response Force
by Christjan C. Gaudio

Lessons for Cyber Policymakers
by James Torrence

Lifting the Interagency Fog of Information:
Blockchain Information-Sharing and Radical Inclusion
by Jaymes “Yuri” Hines and Mark A. Williams

Interagency Approaches to Prevent the Reoccurrence of
Conflict in Sierra Leone

by Phillip J. Schenks, Mary C. Avriette and Jonathan M. Holliday

Assessing the Impact of American and Chinese Economic
Competition in Sub-Saharan Africa

by James Jacobs and Kevin Boldt

Lessons on Collaboration from Recent Conflicts: The Whole-of-Nation
and Whole-of-Government Approaches in Action

by Brett Doyle

Book Review

Unrivaled: Why America Will Remain the World’s Sole Superpower

The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence

In Command: Theodore Roosevelt and the American Military

Worth Noting

Ambassador Reddick visits Fort Leavenworth
Government climate change report released
CASA presents at IA Brown-Bag
Vietnam Lecture focuses on 1968 presidential election impact
Cyberwar, deterrence, and ‘unpeace’ subject of IA brown-bag
Chiefs of Defense Conference focuses on countering violent extremism

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One thought on “InterAgency Journal 10-1

  1. Re: Brett Doyle’s article in your recent journal issue: “The Whole-of-Nation and Whole-of-Government Approaches to Action.” Nicely done. If Brett remains interested in the topic, I did a couple of studies that might been worth a scan a few years back (and therefore might be slightly long in the tooth). One can be accessed free of charge at (“Band of Brothers or Dysfunctional Family?”. The other has gone into hiding on the web but I can send a .pdf along should he want one. Topic is the former Community Stabilization Program overseen by USAID in Iraq.

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