InterAgency Journal 10-2

InterAgency Journal 10-2

Inside this issue:


Situating Weapons of Mass Destruction in our Interagency Thinking
by Amy J. Nelson and John Mark Mattox

Enhanced Research into Synthetic Biology
by Sean R. Watterson

The Interagency Challenges of Hypersonic Strike Weapons
by Richard C. Robbins

Entomological “Weapons” of Mass Destruction
by Thomas F. Moore

Advancing Bio Detection with Biosensors and Nanotechnology
for Rapid Interagency Response
by Habi Mojidi

The Interagency’s “WMD” Terminology Problem
by Alexi Franklin

Defining “Surety” within the Interagency
by Punna Khanna Hayes

Radiological Nuclear Detection Task Force: A Real World Solution for a Real World Problem
Kevin L. Stafford

Future Conflict, Open Borders, and the Need for Reform
Robert P. Kozloski

Cyber Attacks: The New WMD Challenge to the Interagency
Quan Hai T. Lu

Book Review

Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella: Deterrence After the Cold War

Sleepwalking to Armageddon: The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation

Hacking the Bomb: Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

A Practitioner’s Handbook for Interagency Leadership

Worth Noting

SAMS leads charge in spring NSRT program
WWI in Asia topic of April Pershing Lecture
3 officers join International Hall of Fame
CIA subject of latest InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture
Leaders of Tomorrow Symposium features ‘Hotel Impossible’ producer-host
10th Annual Ethics Symposium focuses on LSCO
Faculty present on ethics in leadership
‘The General and the Ambassador’ podcast focuses on Qatar
Pershing lecture features American Army of Occupation
‘Grateful American’ returns to Fort Leavenworth
Defense Intelligence Agency subject of February brown-bag
FBI mission in KC focus of January brown-bag lecture

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