InterAgency Journal 10-4

InterAgency Journal 10-4

Inside this issue:


The Economics of Trade and National Security
David A. Anderson

Enabling Tax Payments: A Novel Approach to Reducing
Violence and Poverty in El Salvador
Ann Low

Very Small Satellites: A Mechanism for
the Early Detection of Mass Atrocities
Dani Redmon

Understanding the Challenges and Stakeholders
in Providing Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
Caitlyn M. Rerucha

The Value of Conceptual Planning During Disasters
Michael Long

The Literature of Intelligence
Kevin Rousseau

Organizational Ethics Gone Wrong
Jonathan D. Bailey and Ted Thomas

Bureaucracy in Service of a Madman
Matthew Tompkins

The Challenges in Joint Interagency Task Force Operations in a Predatory State
Mark D. Natale

A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Operations in Mali and Somalia
Lawrence J. Richardson

Book Review

Outside the Wire in Blue: A True Story of American Cops Downrange in the Wars on Terror

Worth Noting

Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago officers join CGSC’s International Hall of Fame
Fall National Security Roundtable program focuses on China
International students participate in UN Peacekeepers forum
Ambassador Canavan selected as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy
October brown-bag lecture focuses on CIA
Former AFRICOM commander delivers 2019 Colin Powell lecture

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