InterAgency Journal 4-1 (Winter 2013)

InterAgency Journal 4-1 (Winter 2013)

Inside this issue:


InterAgency Journal 4-1 cover

When Diplomacy Fails: Consent, Risk and Modern Warfare
by M. Shane Riza

Is it Time for an Interagency Goldwater-Nichols Act?
by Sean M. Roche

Social Capital in the Interagency Environment of Iraq
by Lynne Chandler-Garcia

“All Hands on Deck” – A Whole-of-Government Approach
by Jeffrey A. Bradford

The Interagency Service Club: (Almost) Free Interagency Training and Education
by Thomas P. Moore

Catastrophe Beyond Disaster: Learning from Katrina
by Thomas J. Murphy

The U.S. Government as an Interagency Network
by Ryan Whalen

Worth Noting

Paper Details Joint Interagency Counter Trafficking Center Progress
Interagency Personnel Rotation – National Defense Authorization Act of 2013
State Bureau Focuses on Preventing/Responding to Conflict
Homeland Security Partnership Council Established
Simons Center Debuts Bigger, Better Bibliography
Report Identifies Mechanisms for Collaboration
Report Assesses DoD-DHS Cooperation
USAID Details Multi-Agency Efforts Against Gender-Based Violence
Interagency Action Plan on Children in Adversity Released

Book Review

Strategic Reflections: Operation Iraqi Freedom, July 2004 – February 2007
The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy

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