InterAgency Journal 5-3 (Fall 2014)

InterAgency Journal 5-3 (Fall 2014)

Inside this issue:


Insights to Effective Interorganizational Coordination
by David Grambo, Barrett Smith and Richard W. Kokko

Improving Interagency Coordination in Africa
by Robert Bennett

There is No Silver Bullet and Other Lessons from Colombia
by Stuart Lippe

After Benghazi: Security Operations for Transformational Diplomats
by Marques Bruce

Evolving Band-Aids to Global Crisis: For Want of U.S. Leadership
by Mark Sweberg and Allan Childers

Pacific Command: Attacking the Nexus of Emerging Threats
by Jan Schwarzenberg

Worth Noting

House Passes Cybersecurity Legislation
Stimson Center Reports on U.S. Drone Policy
Report Addresses Cyber, Terror Threats
Cyber Exercise Improves Interagency Cooperation
Simons Center Meets with Federal Executive Board
Better Collaboration Needed Along Southwest Border
Interagency Partnerships Crucial to Safeguarding Infrastructure
2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Published by DHS
Report Recommends Improved Transportation Collaboration in Disaster Response
DOJ/DHS Partnership Curbs Cybercrime
President Calls for Interagency Group to Address Unaccompanied Child Immigration

Call for Papers

Special Edition of the InterAgency Journal to Focus on Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Interagency

Book Review

Intergovernmental Management for the 21st Century

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