InterAgency Journal 7-1 (Spring 2016)

InterAgency Journal 7-1 (Spring 2016)

Inside this issue:


The Reality of the So-Called U.S. Pivot to Asia
by Joshua A. Parker and David A. Anderson

Interagency Qualifications to Address Fragility,
or Rethinking Civil Affairs
by Kurt E. Müller

The Unjustness of the Current Incantation
of Jus Post Bellum
by Dan G. Cox

The Application of Military Simulations in
an Interagency Context
by James Gilmore

Megacities – Assessment Factors
by Gus Otto and AJ Besik

Defining Diplomacy
by Edward Marks

Worth Noting

New program director joins Simons Center
DoD, HHS, others respond to Zika threat
Interagency space center makes strides
State, DoD, USAID teams tackle diplomacy challenge
State releases international narcotics control strategy
Multi-agency center finds new home
DHS to provide human trafficking awareness training
GAO releases report on countering firearms trafficking
Executive Order establishes cybersecurity commission
DHS and NASA partner for security innovation
Rice speaks on whole-of-government approach against ISIL

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