InterAgency Journal 8-1 (Winter 2017)

InterAgency Journal 8-1 (Winter 2017)

Inside this issue:


NORAD: A Model to Address Gaps in U.S.-Mexico Security Coordination
by Patti Bielling

The Tumultuous Recent History of U.S. Stabilization
and Reconstruction Efforts: The Way Ahead?
by David A. Anderson

Civil Affairs History and Doctrine:
From Military Government to Interagency Partner
by Thomas R. Geisinger

Moral Courage and Intelligent Disobedience
by Ted Thomas and Ira Chaleff

Evaluation of Current Risk Assessment Models for
Genocide and Mass Atrocity
by Kathryn Gillum

U.S. Special Operations Forces and the Interagency in Phase Zero
by Kyle Johnston

Sharing Resources Between Government Agencies
by George K. Hughes

Book Review

The Decision to Attack: Military and Intelligence Cyber Decision-Making

Utilitarianism and the Ethics of War

Worth Noting

DNI releases paper on intelligence cooperation
DHS reviews U.S./Canada border security
CSIS publishes cyber agenda for Trump
Simons Center hosts InterAgency Brown-Bag Lectures
Advice on partnerships for President Trump
DHS releases updated cyber response plan
DoD’s role in foreign cyber threats
Report focuses on DoD cybersecurity
Interagency collaboration encouraged during transition
DHS challenges outlined for next administration
Executive Order focuses on health security
Ambassador Kennedy visits Fort Leavenworth

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The May Brown-Bag Lecture advertised in this edition of the InterAgency Journal has been postponed.

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