InterAgency Journal 9-3

InterAgency Journal 9-3

Inside this issue:


Hidden Changes in Organizational Culture and Their Lasting Effects
by Christopher R. Allen and Ted A. Thomas

New Generation Warfare and the Just War Tradition
by Richard E. Berkebile

Disenfranchisement Breeds Conflict
by Benjamin E. Birtles

Criminal Ethos of Russia: The Great Western Dilemma
of Fighting New Generation Warfare
by Egidijus Čiūtas

Chinese Advantages in the Development and Integration
of Artificial Intelligence and Warfare
by Daniel G. Cox

The Ethics of Information-Gap Decision Making
by William J. Davis, Jr. and Penny Koerner

Will Russian Exploitation of Open Press Destroy U.S. Democracy?
by Nicholas Kane

A Century of Humiliation: The Power of Economic Warfare
by Sam Ku

Is the Morality of War Plausible in a Diverse World?
by John Madden

The Proliferation of Decentralized Trust Technology
by Alexander G. Mullin

Book Review

The Code of the Warrior: Exploring Warrior Values Past and Present

Iraq and the Politics of Oil: An Insider’s Perspective

Worth Noting

Ninth annual ethics symposium report
Stabilization Assistance Review released
2018 Trafficking in Persons report released
‘Hands, Head, and Heart’ vital to effective leadership
DHS publishes updated Northern Border Strategy
K-State professor guest lectures at CGSC
Former acting Administrator proud of USAID’s interagency accomplishments
DHS releases new cyber strategy
Space domain topic of InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture

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