InterAgency Journal 9-4

InterAgency Journal 9-4

Inside this issue:


Collaborating to Solve National Science and Technology
Challenges in a Time of Scarcity
by Ian G. Brosnan and Jonathan Stock

Strategic Defense Impacts of Climate Change:
An Interagency Challenge
by Wendell Chris King

Musicians of Mars: Attaining Interagency Consensus on
Perpetual War in Afghanistan
by Robert H. Gregory, Jr.

Building a Foundational Understanding of Interagency Coordination
by Patrick Naughton

Reassessing the Chemical, Biological, Radiological,
Nuclear Response Enterprise
by Gary D. Mills

Blending U.S. Strategy for Engagement in Central America with
Foreign Internal Defense
by Daniel E. Ward

Civil-Military Balance in Complex Operations
by Kurt E. Müller

Forging a Counterhybrid Unit
by Karl Umbrasas

Book Review

Future War: Preparing For The New Global Battlefield

The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Outsourcing Security: Private Military Contractors and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order

Worth Noting

Brown-bag lecture series for Academic Year 2019 kicks off with focus on State Department
Cyber weapons and power grid security subject of report
House authorizes DHS counter WMD office
Former dean speaks on global threat of climate change
Report focuses on threat of fragile states
Stabilization Symposium executive report published
FEMA releases report on Las Vegas shooting
NGA topic of second InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture for AY19
WWI lecture focuses on American Expeditionary Forces in 1918
Guardsman, civilians and agencies fighting wildfires
National security professionals move to save PKSOI
DHS creates national cyber risk center
DoD moves ahead with Space Force
New DOJ task force to combat fraud
FBI study focuses on pre-attack behaviors of active-shooters

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