InterAgency Journal 6-3 (Summer 2015)

InterAgency Journal 6-3 (Summer 2015)

Inside this issue:


Demystifying the Interagency Process and Explaining
the Ambassador’s Role
by Ronald E. Neumann

Disrupting the Foreign Fighter Flow: Interdiction and Prosecution
by Jan Schwarzenberg

Interagency: Nice to Talk About… Hard to Do
by David Eaton and Gus Otto

Whole-of-Government Teaming Through Collaborative
Construction: NRO/NSA Synergy
by Leilani DeWitt and Bob Dillinger

Moving Toward Improved Strategic Planning in U.S. Foreign Policy
by Jeffrey Grieco

Understanding Nations: New Ideas to Analyze Foreign States
by Tom Pike, Nick Long and Perry Alexander

Optimizing a U.S. Communications Strategy through Structure and Design
by Sharon Engelmeier

Worth Noting

Anti-ISIL Strategy to Include Civilian and Military Agencies
Updated National Military Strategy Released
Report Examines Cybersecurity Bills
White House Establishes Interagency Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell
USAID Updates Civilian-Military Cooperation Policy
Simons Center Hosts Cybersecurity Roundtable
State, USAID Release 2015 QDDR
DoD Releases Cyber Strategy
CSIS Reports on DHS Unity of Effort Initiative
U.S. Provides Humanitarian Assistance to Nepal

Book Reviews

Partners in Prevention: Making Public-Private Security Cooperation More Efficient, Effective and Sustainable. Recommendations of the Task Force

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