RAND suggests Army cyber strategy

RAND suggests Army cyber strategy

Earlier this year, the RAND Corporation published a report suggesting a new cyber strategy for the U.S. Army. Tactical Cyber proposes a strategy for tactical Army cyber operations and describes how the Army should use available resources to achieve mission objectives.

RAND’s report documents research conducted as part of the project “Building a Strategy for Cyber Support to Corps and Below,” and draws on three case studies: the experiences of Joint Interagency Task Force–South (JIATF-S), the U.S. Marine Corps’ use of signals intelligence (SIGINT) capability at tactical echelons, and the use of armed drones during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Tactical Cyber 2017

For more information about the strategy, please follow the link below.
Tactical Cyber: Building a Strategy for Cyber Support to Corps and Below, RAND Corporation

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