Report details lessons from Superstorm Sandy

Report details lessons from Superstorm Sandy

Earlier this month, the Georgetown Climate Center, in partnership with the Rockerfeller Foundation, published a report on the results of the Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition, which sought to inspire affected communities to rebuild differently in ways that would enhance their physical, economic, social, and environmental resilience after Superstorm Sandy.

The RBD competition was launched in June 2013 through a partnership between the Sandy Task Force, the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Rockefeller Foundation, and others. Throughout the competition, design teams worked with local governments, community organizations, and the public to understand each region’s vulnerabilities and to develop proposals for how communities in the region could rebuild with increased resilience. At the end of the competition, six teams’ proposals were selected for implementation.

The Hurricane Sandy Design Competition projects are demonstrating innovative approaches for rebuilding in ways that will make our communities more resilient to future climate impacts and other environmental changes, as well as to social and economic stressors. The lessons that are being learned show how these approaches can be institutionalized and replicated in other communities across the nation.

Rebuilding with Resilience

For more information on this report, please follow the link below.
Rebuilding with Resilience: Lessons from the Rebuild by Design Competition After Hurricane Sandy, Rebuild by Design

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