Interagency Bibliography

“I submit that the risk of not sharing [information] today is a lot greater than the risk of sharing.” – General Richard Myers, USAF, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2005

Interagency Bibliography The Simons Center’s interagency bibliography is part of the Center’s mission to foster and develop an interagency body of knowledge and to promote the research, study, and analysis of interagency issues. The bibliography contains over 1,200 entries regarding interagency issues, and includes reports from the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Research Service, professional publications by subject matter experts, and academic research from both military and non-military institutions. The Simons Center’s interagency bibliography is organized by topic. Bibliography entries that involve more than one topic are grouped by the most relevant or prevailing topic. Users may follow the links below to navigate the bibliography, or they may use the website’s search engine located at the upper right of the page.

The Simons Center’s interagency bibliography was last updated 09/30/2016.