Arter-Rowland National Security Forum

ARNSF luncheon

From left, retired U.S. Army Col. Matthew Dimmick, former White House advisor and national security professional, and Keith Prather, one of the founders and managing directors of Armada Corporate Intelligence, serve as panelists in the forum to discuss the impact supply chain vulnerabilities have on the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Arter-Rowland National Security Forum (ARNSF) is an information sharing and networking forum for individuals interested in keeping abreast of relevant information about national security issues. The forum hosts events throughout the year including both luncheons, special presentations, and virtual events.

The Forum is named after Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Robert Arter, Founding Chairman of the CGSC Foundation, and Mr. Landon Rowland, the Foundation’s first major donor who was well-known in Kansas City for his keen interest in national security issues, leadership in business, and his philanthropic efforts.

ARNSF Luncheons:
(Exclusive for ARNSF members and their guests)

ARNSF Luncheons are conducted in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. These member-only events feature national and regional guest speakers representing all elements of national power (Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic). These exclusive forums provide members and their guests the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with subject matter experts on topics directly relevant to Kansas City, our surrounding region, and nationally.

Special Presentations:
(Open to ARNSF Members and Simons Center Fellows)

ARNSF members and Simons Center Fellows have access to a number of special online events featuring distinguished lecturers and speakers brought in from around the world to share their insights on interagency and leadership challenges. These special presentations will cover topics of particular national security relevance related to current geopolitical environment.

Cold War Symposium Panelists

Simons Center Director retired Col. Bob Ulin, left, and key sponsor, Mr. John Ferguson, center, with the presenters at the Cold War Symposium kickoff event in November 2021.

Virtual events:
(Open to ARNSF Members and friends of the Simons Center)

Throughout the year, the ARNSF will host virtual events focusing on specific current interagency challenges or historic events of significant interagency and national security importance. For example, the ARNSF’s Cold War Symposium, conducted from December 2021 – February 2022, included three virtual events and a total of nine speakers, brought in from across the country and abroad, discussing the significance of the ending of the Cold War and the future implications for NATO.

Membership to this exclusive network of leaders and business executives costs $1,000 annually.

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