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The Simons Center is committed to the development of military leaders with interagency operational skills and an interagency body of knowledge that facilitates broader and more effective cooperation and policy implementation within the United States government. As part of this mission, the Simons Center produces a number of publications that cover a broad range of interagency topics including national security; leader development; ethics; counterterrorism; stabilization and reconstruction operations; homeland defense and security; and disaster preparation and response. The Simons Center’s main publications include the:

The InterAgency Journal (IAJ) is a peer-reviewed, national security studies journal, published semiannually. Journal articles are approximately 3,000 to 5,000 words in length.
The InterAgency Essay (IAE) series consists of individually published essays of 1,000 and 3,000 words in length that are not peer-reviewed.
The InterAgency Paper (IAP) series includes in-depth studies, individually published, of approximately 5,000 to 10,000 words in length. IAP submissions are peer-reviewed.
The InterAgency Studies (IAS) series consist if sponsored projects of the Simons Center on a particular issue and may include multiple articles or essays.

Other publications include special reports, web-exclusive publications and books. See the Simons Center Publication Descriptions for further information on each of our publication types.

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The Simons Center is always looking for authors to contribute manuscripts reflecting their experience, study, and insight. Please go to our Contribute Content page for complete submission instructions.

Disclaimer: The works published by the Simons Center represent the opinions of the authors and do not reflect the official views of any United States government agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, the Command and General Staff College Foundation, the Simons Center, or any other non-government, private, public, or international organization.

– Half-Pivot: Why the Obama Pentagon Could Not Shift to the Pacific
– Harbors and Hidden Agendas
– A Whole-of-Government Approach to Leveraging Our Most Strategic Asset – Allies and Partners
– Retired Flag Officers and Public Political Criticism
– Challenges Of Border Security in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Joint Border Patrol Team
– A System Under Strain: Coherence and Incoherence in the American Way of Limited War

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– Is Iraq Worth the Investment? 

– Why Russia Failed So Far: The Impact of Civil-Military Relations

– Moral Friction: Harm and Incongruence in Hierarchical Structures

– The Just War Tradition in a Modern LSCO Environment: A Maneuverist Perspective of the Russia
-Ukraine War

- A Whole of Nation Approach During Large Scale Combat Operations: The Department of Labor and the American Workforce

– Creating a Learning Environment for the Development of Interagency Leaders

– Strength in Communication: A Study of Defense Intelligence Agency’s Application

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– Beyond Black Hawk Down: Revisiting U.S. Intervention in Somalia Over a Quarter Century Later
– Interagency Approach to Achieve Integrated Deterrence
– The Many Dangers of Moral Antirealism
– Adversaries in the Altiplano: Strategic Competition in South America’s Lithium Triangle
– Artificial Intelligence: Winning the Talent Management Race
– Once an Advisor: How Security Force Assistance is Essential for the American Way of War and Deterrence in Strategic Competition
– Human Rights as an Army Special Operations Forces Tool to Compete with China in the Indo-Pacific
– Mutually Assured Survival: Deterring Inadvertent Conflict Escalation Through Strategic Restraint Signaling

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On November 21, 1970, U.S. Forces conducted a daring POW rescue attempt into a North Vietnam prison camp. In InterAgency Paper No. 18W: The Son Tay Raid author Kenneth Segelhorst shows how with ground forces led Army Special Forces Colonel Arthur “Bull” Simons and overall mission commander Air Force Brig. Gen. LeRoy Manor, the operation known as the Son Tay Raid is a masterful demonstration of surprise, concentration, audacity, and tempo.

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– The Complexities of American Foreign Policy: The Case for Diplomatic Experience and Education
– Undercover Operations in the U.S. to Counter Terrorism and National Security Threats
– Fixing a Hole: Contemporary Security Issues in Africa
– Understanding the Budgets of the Sino-U.S. Naval Arms Race
– Operation Citadel: Enabling the Interagency Approach
– The Fallacy of a Marketing Approach Applied to Interagency Influence Efforts

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– The Productive Organization: Survival of the Fittest
– Mission Command: Small Teams in the U.S. Border Patrol
– A Solution to WMD Proliferation
– A Nation Unprepared: Bioterrorism and Pandemic Response
– Missed Operational Opportunities in the
– Global War on Terror’s Prisons and Camps
– The First 21st Century Water War
– Empowering U.S. National Security with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
– Proxy Warfare on the Roof of the World: Great Power Competition Lessons from Tibet
– Countering Russian Hybrid Warfare

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– The Economics of Trade and National Security
– Enabling Tax Payments: A Novel Approach to Reducing Violence and Poverty in El Salvador
– Very Small Satellites: A Mechanism for the Early Detection of Mass Atrocities
– Understanding the Challenges and Stakeholders in Providing Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
– The Value of Conceptual Planning During Disasters
– The Literature of Intelligence
– Organizational Ethics Gone Wrong
– Bureaucracy in Service of a Madman
– The Challenges in Joint Interagency Task Force Operations in a Predatory State
– A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Operations in Mali and Somalia

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– In the beginning… Special Report by Robert Ulin
– Military Neuro-Interventions: Solving the Right Problems for Ethical Outcomes
– The Decembrist Revolt and its Aftermath: Values in Conflict
– Coding Just War Theory: Artificial Intelligence in Warfare
– When Asimov’s Robots Encounter the Laws of War
– Defense Against Weaponized Information: A Human Problem, Not Just A Technical One
– Bridging the Accountability Gap: The Special Court for Sierra Leone
– Engineering Telos: Flourishing in the Context of AI and Transhumanism
– The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Dehumanization: Denying Humanity through AI
– Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Laws of Armed Conflict
– The Influence of Transhumanist Thought on Human Enhancement

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