Thoughts on War and Conflict

War and Conflict

Without question the exercise of ethical leadership and effective interagency cooperation have profound effects on war and conflict prosecuted in support of our national interest. Having frank and open dialogue is essential to the growth of our leaders involved. On this page we invite the members of the interagency community of practice to provide serious contributions to expand the discussion on war and conflict. Contributions here are envisioned to be short, thought-provoking opinion pieces that stimulate conversation, maintain a professional tone, and are devoid of attacks against any specific person.

Unlike our articles in our peer-reviewed InterAgency Journal, Thoughts on War and Conflict are opinion pieces and should take the general form of “letters to the editor” as opposed to academic papers. Accordingly, they are to be approximately 500-600 words in length and not contain footnotes. For individuals who wish to contribute longer academic works, we encourage you to consider submitting to the InterAgency Journal. The advantages of this forum is that contributors can get an idea, topic, argument to “print” quickly in response to current and emerging issues.

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