Ahmed, Nadeem

Ahmed, Nadeem. 2011. COIN in Peace-Building: Case Study of the 2009 Malakand Operation. Prism Vol. 2, no. 4 (September): 125-138. http://www.ndu.edu/press/coin-in-peacebuilding.html (accessed 14 October 2011).

This paper addresses the unprecedented degree of interagency cooperation involved in the 2009 Malakand Operation, the largest counterinsurgency operation undertaken by Pakistan in history. It describes the nature of the Operation, with particular attention given to the participation of the military, civilian government, civil society, local population, and international partners. It is argued that the Malakand Operation would not have been as successful without this unprecedented cooperation between the above entities. Furthermore, the Operation proves that peace-building can only be accomplished through close coordination between all sectors of society.


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