Erickson, Scott J.

Erickson, Scott J. “COIN Goes “GLOCAL”: Traditional COIN with a Global Perspective: Does the Current U.S. Strategy Reflect COIN Theory, Doctrine and Principles?.” Monograph, School of Advanced Military Studies, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2007. (accessed 12 August 2011).

It is the hypothesis of this monograph that the current conflict is most accurately characterized as a global counterinsurgency (COIN) against the Westphalia nation-state system by an Islamist terror network and the overarching jihadist movement and as such, the ends, ways and means of U.S. national strategies must be congruent with COIN theory, doctrine and principles. In examining the ends, ways and means of the current national strategies, this monograph compares these strategies to COIN theory, doctrine and the principles and imperatives derived from historical and contemporary COIN experiences.

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