CGSC Assistant Professor, Foundation Trustee guest on “Leader Up” Podcast

The latest episode of the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) “Leader Up” podcast features special guest Col. (Ret.) Dwayne Wagner who discusses his Military Review article titled “We Have Come a Long Ways… We Have a Ways to Go” and his personal journey as an African American Army officer and Army civilian. Episode 58 of the “Leader Up” podcast captures Wagner’s thoughts on leadership, leaders, Army culture, and the way ahead on race relations and diversity.

Col. (Ret.) Dwayne Wagner, a U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Assistant Professor and CGSC Foundation Trustee, is widely considered both a very thought-provoking and a very thoughtful expert on the subjects of leadership and diversity and inclusion, and has conducted numerous presentations as a speaker, lecturer and panel participant.

“Leader Up” is a podcast by the Army Management Staff College. In each episode, host David Howey and guests discuss a broad range of leadership and leader development topics with an emphasis on the Army Civilian Professional.

To learn more and listen to the podcast, please follow the link below.
Leaders of Character, “Leader Up” AMSC Podcast

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