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Our publications provide a forum promoting the exchange of ideas and public discussion of topics dealing with the complexities of interagency operations, and feature original commentary, study, and analysis of interagency issues. Contributors to the InterAgency Journal include U.S. Congressmen, generals and other military leaders, ambassadors and diplomats, senior government officials, and members of the academic community.

This website is a research portal, providing researchers, students, faculty, practitioners, government professionals, and policy makers a unique opportunity to access our extensive interagency bibliography that contains over 2,000 annotated entries, as well as links to over 150 government departments and agencies, academic institutions, and private and non-profit research centers.

Simons Center Fellows are invited to contribute manuscripts reflecting their experience, study and insight. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their works after a review of the Simons Center Writer’s Submission Guidelines, the Simon’s Center Style Guide and the Simons Center Interagency Research Topics list. Please visit our content contribution page for more information and to submit your content for review.

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