CGSC ‘Walk and Talk’ – Citizens Bank & Trust

Walk-Talk-CB&T-wEmerging leaders from Citizens Bank & Trust in their Kansas City North branch visited the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College March 24 as part of the CGSC Foundation’s outreach programs.

Foundation CEO Doug Tystad led the group of 12 around the Lewis and Clark Center, home of CGSC, and spoke to them about the history of the college, its programs and notable U.S. and international alumni.

The group also had the opportunity to participate in a computer simulation exercise led by Dr. James Sterret as well as an informational briefing from CGSC Chief of Staff Jeff Lamoe.

Tanner Wycoff Vice President and Relationship Manager organized the group’s visit.

In the photo above:
Front row, left to right: Janelle Hersperger, Kim Gaines, Liliana Biermaier, Aileen Cartwright, James Herrman, Tanner Wycoff, Ben Pepper
Back row: Ethan Funk, Joe Christifano, Trish LeRette, Matt Leadbetter, Jeff Murphy

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