Civilians learn about DoD mission

This week a select group of civilians was invited to participate in the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC), an event that has occurred fairly regularly since 1948, where they visited the Pentagon and other military bases to learn first hand from the troops and leaders of the armed services. The week-long conference includes 40 participants with backgrounds in business, community organizations, and academia.

Those attending this year’s JCOC were greeted by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, and other DoD officials, with Secretary Carter assuring participants “You’ll see why I’m so proud to lead the finest fighting force the world has ever known.” Carter, who’s goal is to create connections between the Pentagon and the private sector, encouraged attendees to take the opportunity to exchange ideas with DoD personnel, as both DoD personnel and civilians share in the mission of national defense.

For more information on the JCOC and the speakers, please follow the link below.
Military Orientation for Civilians Underway this Week, DoD News
Joint Civilian Orientation Conference

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