Countertrafficking efforts at JIATF West

Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) West, part of U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), has been supporting law enforcement agencies in their counter-trafficking efforts since 1989. Like JIATF South at Key West, FL, and JIATF North at Fort Bliss, TX, JIATF West’s main focus is countering drug trafficking and other organized crime that directly impacts U.S. national security.

JIATF West combats drug-related transnational crime in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on the precursor chemicals that are used to produce methamphetamine. The chemicals often are shipped from China to illegal labs in Mexico and Central America where methamphetamine is manufactured. The drugs are then trafficked to the U.S.

Coast Guard Rear Admiral James E. Rendon, director of JIATF West, stressed the link between transnational organized crime in the Asia-Pacific region and U.S. national security, citing how organized crime rings funded by drug trafficking can destabilize governments and foster extremism.

JIATF West fights trafficking and organized crime in the Asia-Pacific region by sharing information with law enforcement agencies and partner nations. JIATF West also provides training and capacity-building to partner nations wishing to improve their counter-narcotics capabilities.

For more information about JIATF West and other interagency efforts at PACOM, please follow the links below.
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