CSIS publishes cyber agenda for Trump

Earlier this month, the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) published a report that provided a cybersecurity agenda for the incoming president. The CSIS Cyber Policy Task Force began working on the new agenda in late 2014, and provides recommendations on policies, organizational improvements, and resources needed in the cyber realm.

The cybersecurity agenda’s policy recommendations include revising the international cybersecurity strategy, taking a new approach to building agreement on international stability, expanding deterrence and creating consequences, taking a more assertive approach to combat cyber crime, protecting cyber assets and safeguarding personal information, increased transparency for cyber incidents, and active defense, among others.

Suggested organizational improvements involve strengthening the Department of Homeland Security, using the Government Accountability Office to review federal agency cybersecurity, streamlining congressional oversight, and elevating the role of cybersecurity coordinator to assist the president.

The agenda also made several recommendations regarding resources, saying that vulnerabilities should be protected, that funding should be allocated for cybersecurity education and training, and that the use of cloud and shared services should be increased.

The agenda concludes by stating “Cyberspace has become the central global infrastructure… But it is not secure, and the risks we face are unnecessarily great. Our opponents still have the advantage. We can change this if we want—not quickly and not easily—but of necessity if we are to build security for this century…”

CSIS - Cyber Agenda - Jan. 2017

For more information on the cybersecurity agenda, please follow the link below.
From Awareness to Action: A Cybersecurity Agenda for the 45th President, Center for Strategic & International Studies

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