Cyber Guard tests cyber force’s skills

Last month, U.S. Cyber Command (Cybercom), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the FBI led the sixth annual, week-long Cyber Guard exercise in Suffolk, Virginia. Over 700 participants from across U.S. government and military, as well partners in academia, industry, and around the world took part in the event.

Cyber Guard 2017 pitted Cybercom’s Cyber Mission Force personnel and those from other state and federal organizations against a broad range of high-stakes cyber scenarios. The exercise ran participants through possible situations that would occur in the event cyberattacks knock out critical infrastructure, such has the electrical grid and financial sector.

Navy Admiral Michael S. Rogers, commander of Cybercom, spoke at the opening of the exercise, saying “I will accept failure in a training environment if it generates knowledge and insight that makes us better… What I constantly tell the team leads is it’s about pushing the envelope. It’s about challenging your teams, and it’s about trying different things.”

Coast Guard Rear Adm. David M. Dermanelian, Cybercom’s training and exercises director, described Cyber Guard as “the most realistic training environment possible,” noting that the exercise is maturing at an impressive rate. Air Force Lt. Gen. J. Kevin McLaughlin, Cybercom’s deputy commander also remarked on the growth of the exercise, commenting that “Every year, we learn something new that we wish we would have thought about the year before.”

While this was the sixth iteration of the Cyber Guard exercise, it was only the second year that incorporated international partners, devoting an entire day to highlight the importance of multinational cooperation.

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