Cybercom on frontlines for cyberattacks

In a recent interview at National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters, U.S. Cyber Command (Cybercom) commander Navy Admiral Mike Rogers spoke of Cybercom’s creation and mission. According to Rogers, who is also the director of the NSA, Cybercom was created because of cyber’s rising relevance in Department of Defense (DoD) operations and the importance of defending U.S. critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Rogers also noted cyber’s crucial role in future DoD operations, and said the Cybercom needs to be ready to respond to a future attack on critical U.S. infrastructure, including the power grid or the financial sector.

Responding to a cyberattack will require the collaborative efforts of Cybercom, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and other interagency partners. To prepare, Rogers said Cybercom trains as it will fight. This training includes exercises within DoD, as well as exercises that incorporate other interagency partners, such as Cyber Guard, which includes elements of the National Guard, reserves, NSA, and Cybercom.

In his interverview, Rogers also stated that he would like to build on Cyber Guard’s example, incorporating more U.S. government departments and agencies into Cybercom’s training exercises.

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Rogers: Cybercom Defending Networks, Nation, DoD News

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