Davis-Monthan hosts IA personnel recovery exercise

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base recently hosted the world’s largest personnel recovery exercise. Angel Thunder 2013 took place from April 7 to April 20, with various training scenarios located in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Davis-Monthan conducted the first Angel Thunder in 2006 as a base-specific exercise, but Angel Thunder has since grown to become an international and interagency training opportunity for all personnel recovery assets.

Angel Thunder 2013 is the largest and most realistic search and rescue exercise designed to provide personnel recovery and combat search and rescue training for combat aircrews, pararescue, intelligence personnel, battle managers, and joint search and rescue center personnel. The exercise included personnel from the U.S. Air Force Rescue forces, as well as their joint, interagency, and international counterparts. Participants trained for full spectrum personnel recovery operations with ground recovery personnel, air assets, special forces teams, and federal agents.

Angel Thunder 2013 included a variety of training scenarios, including exercises in air-sea battle, security cooperation, interagency operations, and support to civil authorities focused on catastrophic incident search and rescue.

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Angel Thunder 2013, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
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