DHS creates national cyber risk center

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced the creation of the National Risk Management Center on July 31, during her keynote address at the DHS Cybersecurity Summit in New York City.

According to Nielsen, the National Risk Management Center will focus on cybersecurity priorities, and will act as a sort of 911 resource for local, state, federal, and private organizations in cybersecurity crisis. The center will also create a registry of the nation’s digital “crown jewels,” evaluate critical infrastructure weaknesses, help protect industry supply chains against cyber threats, and offering support to potential targets of foreign interference.

The National Risk Management Center will focus on longer-range projects, such as those listed above, while DHS’s National Cybersecurity Communications and Integrations Center (NCCIC) focuses on cyber information sharing between government and industry.

For more information about the new center, please follow the links below.
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