DHS publishes updated Northern Border Strategy

On June 12, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published an updated Northern Border Strategy. The Northern Border Strategy establishes a clear vision and discrete actions that will collectively improve DHS’s efforts to safeguard the Northern Border against terrorist and criminal threats, facilitate the flow of lawful cross-border trade and travel, and strengthen cross-border community resilience.

The strategy enhances border security operations through better information sharing, improved domain awareness, and integrated operations, while also facilitating and safeguarding lawful trade and travel by enhancing rapid inspection and screening, enforcing a fair trade environment, and bolstering border infrastructure. The Northern Border Security also promotes cross-border resilience by supporting response and recovery capabilities between federal, state, local, tribal, and Canadian partners.

The new Northern Border Strategy supersedes the 2012 Northern Border Strategy, and draws upon the findings from the Northern Border Threat Analysis Report delivered to Congress in summer 2017.

For more information about the Northern Border Strategy, please follow the links below.
Northern Border Strategy, Department of Homeland Security
DHS Announces Strengthened Northern Border Strategy, Department of Homeland Security

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