Director discusses DIA’s future, cybersecurity

Earlier in September, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn addressed a panel at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Summit.

In his remarks, Flynn said that DIA must focus on their mission and strengths, and that they must “continually emphasize burden sharing, partnerships, and integration.”

Flynn spoke about DIA’s focus on three core qualities: the fusion of analysis and collection; the importance of organizational flexibility; and the integration of interagency partners from across the intelligence community, including close relationships with combatant commands and service intelligence centers. He then went on to discuss DIA’s role in the intelligence community, their support of several combatant commands, and their involvement in policy.

Flynn also discussed the potential for strategic cyberattacks, saying “[DIA is] aware of the cyber threat.” He also reiterated Defense Secretary Hagel’s May remarks that the destructive potential for cyberattacks has become a prominent national security issue, and stated that DIA was collaborating with intelligence community partners “to understand the security challenges that we face in our era.”

For more information about the future of the Defense Intelligence Agency, please follow the link below.
Intelligence Agency Director Discusses Roadmap for Future, American Forces Press Service

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