DISA releases 2014-2019 strategic plan

In May, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) released its strategic plan for 2014-2019. The strategic plan outlines DISA’s focus areas, guiding principles, and strategic goals for the future.

In his introduction to the DISA strategic plan, DISA director Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins, Jr. (USAF) discusses DISA’s shifting priorities in a post-conflict and financially constrained era. Hawkins also explains DISA’s focus on cyberspace sovereignty, agility, and innovation, and says that DISA is the premier IT and Cyber Combat Support Agency for DoD, the nation, and U.S. coalition partners

Among DISA’s guiding principles is its commitment to support the Department of Defense and DoD’s joint, interagency, and international mission partners. DISA’s strategic plan includes four strategic goals, and two of these four goals involve increased and more efficient information sharing. For instance, the first goal calls for a consolidated, collaborative, and secure joint information environment that would enable information sharing and interdependent enterprise services across DoD that are seamless, interoperable, efficient, and responsive to joint and coalition requirements. The second goal of the strategy is to engineer, provide, and enhance information sharing capabilities to enable decision makers to exercise authority and direction over forces and resources.

The DISA strategic plan also outlines objectives for the DISA Information Enterprise and makes suggestions for optimizing the department’s investments.

DISA strategy - 2014

For more information about the DISA strategic plan, please follow the link below.
Strategic Plan 2014-2019, Defense Information Systems Agency


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