DoD official testifies at nonproliferation hearing

Assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs Madelyn R. Creedon, recently testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s emerging threats and capabilities subcommittee in a hearing on nonproliferation activities. During the hearing, Creedon discussed the efforts of the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies in preventing weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands.

In her testimony, Creedon stated “As we all are very well aware, we face a number of WMD challenges,” continuing on to say that DoD and their interagency partners are “aggressively pursuing the president’s vision to keep weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of terrorists and states of concern,” citing North Korea, Iran and Syria as examples.

Creedon stressed the importance of keeping WMDs out of the hands of hostile actors, and said that WMD acquisition prevention is one of DoD’s three focus areas. Other DoD nonproliferation efforts include containing and rolling back the threats, and responding to a WMD crisis.

During her testimony, Creedon also discussed DoD’s nonproliferation efforts with their international partners, including the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), which was formed in 2003, and now includes over 100 endorsers.

For more information about Madelyn R. Creedon’s testimony and PSI, please follow the link below.
Official Describes Interagency Security, Nonproliferation Efforts, American Forces Press Service
Proliferation Security Initiative, Department of State

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