Executive Order creates interagency council on climate preparedness

On November 1, President Obama issued an Executive Order that is aimed at preparing the United States for the impacts of climate change. The Executive Order calls for close cooperation and coordinated planning to manage the risks associated with impact of climate change, which include prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, increases in wildfires and torrential rains, more severe droughts, and rising sea-levels.

Section 6 of the Executive Order specifically addresses these concerns, creating an interagency council on climate preparedness and resilience. The council’s members will include representatives from the Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, and Agriculture, as well as other departments, agencies, and organizations.

The mission and function of the council is to work across agencies and offices to develop, recommend, and coordinate interagency efforts related to climate preparedness and resilience. The council will also support regional, State, local, and tribal action to assess climate change related vulnerabilities and cost-effectively increase climate preparedness and resilience of communities, critical economic sectors, natural and built infrastructure, and natural resources.

The EO also provides for the sharing of data between agencies to better prepare for incidents related to climate change.

For more information about this Executive Order, please follow the links below.
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