Executive order to address cyber security

The White House recently drafted a preliminary executive order aimed at protecting the nation’s computer systems against cyberattacks.

According to administration officials, the draft order would establish the Cyberscurity Council, a special council made up of key government agencies that would be able to identify threats that could compromise critical sectors. The interagency council would be led by the Department of Homeland Security, and would include representatives from the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Energy, Treasury, and Justice. The council would also include representatives from the office of the Director of National Intelligence. The council would use intelligence on cyberthreats to create guidance that would be used to develop security standards.

The draft order would also create voluntary standards that would help guide companies in protecting themselves against cyberattacks. If widely adopted, the standards may help create a market for cybersecurity insurance.

For more information about the preliminary Executive Order, please follow the link below.
White House Drafting Standards to Guard U.S. Against Cyberattacks, Officials Say, The Washington Post

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